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The Angel's Harbor Supervised Visitation Program is here to help all children feel safe while going through a supervised transition.  AHSV  is making changes in the community one family at a time.  We are also working to end child abuse by supporting families in pursuit of a safer, healthier more secure life, with passion and integrity.


AHSV purpose is to provide a professional supervised visitation service.  After working with families in the social service field, we noticed an incline in referrals to Child Protective Services and court-ordered supervised visitation due to physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of a child.  AHSV is here to help be a part of interrupting the cycle of abuse. We firmly believe that relationships damaged by violence are repairable, and parents can be helped to achieve constructive and healthy relationships through a variety of formats in which to learn more effective coping skills and options for making positive choices in their lives and the lives of their children. We are committed to the families we serve, by providing respect, support and encouragement. 

Angel's Harbor Supervised Visitation, Inc. is a proud member of SVN.


Reasons For The Program

Reasons For The Program

Reasons For The Program


* Domestic Violence 

* Court Order

*Mutual Agreement 

*Child Protective Services 

*Sexual Abuse 

*Physical Abuse 

*Mental Illness 

*Emotional Abuse

*Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction 


*Flight risk


*Inconsistent visitation

Some parents have none of these issues but require help with parenting and guidance.

Angel's Harbor Offer

Reasons For The Program

Reasons For The Program


*Group Visits

*Private Visits

*Monitored Exchange

*Monitored Phone Calls & Mail, etc.

*Family Planning

*Protective Order Aid

*Criminal Justice System Information Accompaniment

*Volunteer Program

*Community Service

*Information and Referrals for Families


Reasons For The Program



The Angel's Harbor Supervised Visitation provides accurate and timely reports with recommendations to the court based on the success or failure of the supervised visits. 

 Note: supervised visitation does not have to be permanent.

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This report is a summary of observations only and is not intended to provide a basis for evaluation of any participant. These observations have been made in a monitored setting and should not function as evidentiary to any prediction of future interactions outside of this environment.


Angel's Harbor Supervised Visitation, Inc.

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